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About TAG Intercontinental

About us

Mission Statement: To provide sustainable transportation alternatives to the North American market.

Vision Statement: Tag Intercontinental sources quality products to reduce carbon footprints while inspiring entrepreneurs to pursue innovative business opportunities.

Values: People, Innovation, Heritage

People: We invest in employees through ongoing training and community involvement.

Innovation: We embrace innovation that fosters sustainability, green initiatives, and the reduction in greenhouse emissions.

Heritage: While innovation is our main stay, we value the history and natural evolution of products.


Our Awesome Team


Gennaro Silvestri


·More than 32 years Sales/Marketing and Management experience

Main responsibilities: overseeing day to day operations, sales and marketing, business planning and development, establish and maintain dealer network, customer service, office/employee management, production, global sourcing.


Tiffany Armitage

Chief Operations Officer

More than 30+ years experience in operations and business development.

More than 28 years as a successful business owner,
main responsibilities: business planning and business development, production, purchasing, imports/exports, highly focused on Italian products, sales and marketing, office/employee management.

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