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Apé: An Italian icon

A Practical Transportation Vehicle for Local Business

An Ideal Commercial Vehicle

  • The Apé is designed for many uses. Transform this versatile three-wheeler into a local mobile food market, delivery service or cargo van. It’s the perfect option for companies and fleets, and can be customized to just about any other need your local business may have.

  • Safe & Comfortable

    Spacious interiors supported by a strong exterior for safety and low maintenance

    Enjoy long engine life with best-in-class performance mileage, torque and power.

  • A Timeless Legend – Be Part of the History !

    The Apé is the original Italian three-wheeler, an icon that continues to evolve while remaining true to itself.
    Presented to the general public as a concept on November 23, 1946 at the Milan International Cycle and Motorcycle Show, the Apé made its debut as a pre-production special in late 1947 and went officially into full-scale production in 1948. Known all over the world and with a unique cheeky appeal and unrivalled versatility, this vehicle is now approaching its 70th birthday.

    But the Apé is also an unexpectedly contemporary product that has sparked the curiosity and won the affection of countless persons who express their involvement through events, projects, blogs, websites and many other initiatives. No other commercial vehicle in the world has as much history as the Apé. And this is why we have decided to tell its story in detail!

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