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First-of-their-kind cargo-carrying following robots

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gita is smart tech at the street level designed to make local living easier and smarter.

GITA Built with pedestrian etiquette

  • Dynamic Following Technology

    gita’s following technology is the first (and only) of its kind. It uses computer sensor vision, allowing it to follow users both indoors and outdoors with ease. gita’s sensors allow it to see, understand, and react to its surroundings in the following ways:

  • Depth-sensing technology

    A 3-dimensional understanding of people, obstacles, speeds, and trajectories so that it can dynamically follow behind you (mirroring your speed and adapting its distance accordingly).

  • Color-sensing technology

    Ability to differentiate between people and objects

  • Neural networks

    Ability to process visual and spatial information in real-time for quick reactions and continuous learning.


Have you ever thought about how you navigate through something as simple as a door? Probably not, but that’s the kind of subconscious movement that our Smart Behaviors team obsessively studies in order to inform gita’s movement. gita’s dynamic following technology allows it to sense the surrounding environment and adapt its behavior. The result is a robot that’s respectful to its user and the people around it, allowing for easy maneuvering through shared spaces.


gita carries your belongings so you’re free to walk further and more often. gita’s cargo bin allows you to transport up to 40 pounds, while gitamini can carry up to 20 pounds. Less carrying means you’re no longer limited in how far you can travel by what you can carry on foot, expanding the walkable radius around your neighborhood.


Use the mygita app to download updates, stream music, lock the bin, check battery status, and track your miles walked with gita. We’re able to continually upgrade how gita moves and works through easy-to-download software updates so it’s always learning and getting better.

Industries Served

The gita robot is used in a variety of commercial environments where it brings immediate return on investment by enabling efficiency in human performance using robots that move with people safely. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, contact us and we’ll assist you.


The gita robot powers the local delivery of food, groceries, and goods by augmenting workers on foot with outside-of-vehicle mobility assistance. Whether a single robot with a 40 pound cargo capacity or a platoon of multiple robots, human following on sidewalks is a great solution for the last mile.

Retail and Shopping Centers

The gita robot improves the customer experience by providing contactless assistance for shoppers as well as powering curbside delivery from storefront to pick-up. gita provides a safe, secure and elevated technology experience that distinguishes your brand from the competition.

University and Corporate campuses

Reimagine your campus for pedestrians with gitas to carry cargo, equipment, gear, personal goods, catering, and supplies from building to building.

Experimiential Marketing and Events

If you are looking to attract customers and clients while making them stop in their tracks with a jaw dropping reaction, gita is a great tool and conversation starter. And with the added value of carrying up to 40 pounds of samples, take-aways, and swag, gita is a handy assistant as well.


Our robots elevate and differentiate services with their intuitive use and seemingly magic following technology. In addition to bringing efficiency to your staff and an amenity to your guests, for everyone on property gita provides an experience your guests will not forget.


Reducing the clutter of vehicles to make cities and towns more walkable is the vision for gita’s creation. gita is a robot that helps your citizens and municipal employees walk more, further, faster and safely, with their eyes up and hands free.

Property Management

Amenitize your properties for your tenants while differentiating your product from the competition using gita robots. Our robots are designed to satisfy the desire for walkable neighborhoods where people want to live, work and play.

Transit and Airports

With the gita robot you can provide practical solutions to solve problems while bringing enjoyment to your visitors during their travel experience. gita is designed to make long distances walkable with loads too cumbersome and heavy to carry..


Dynamically changing construction environments benefit from gita’s ability to be operated without the need for mapping, engineering input or remote control operators. Its one touch user interface can be used by untrained workers to raise productivity, safety, efficiency and quality of work.

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